Burnaby, BC

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Metrotower I

4710 Kingsway

Event Details

Registration for the #DropZoneChallenge in 2022 in Burnaby is NOW OPEN! 

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Information for Drop Zone Burnaby 2022

Do you love to challenge yourself and help others? Then you can’t pass up the Easter Seals Drop Zone in Burnaby on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. Drop Zone is back and ready for a new set of superheroes!

Maybe you’ve walked, run or biked for a cause. Now here’s a taller challenge to take you over the top and down the side of a 30-storey office building! The Drop Zone in Burnaby challenges fearless participants to pay or raise a minimum amount in support of Easter Seals for the rare opportunity to rappel down a skyscraper.

Minimum Fundraising Goal: Raise $875 minimum to rappel
Last minute/walk ups: Raise $950 minimum to rappel

You have until October 15th, 2022 to raise the minimum fundraising requirements! If we haven’t received your minimum fundraising requirements by midnight on October 15th, 2022, we will automatically charge the difference to your credit card on file.

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Why Rappel?

The hard-earned fundraising dollars support two essential services that Easter Seals BC/Yukon provides: Easter Seals House and Easter Seals Camp. Easter Seals House in Vancouver provides a low cost, caring place to stay for more than 100 parents and children every night. Our camp offers once-in-a-lifetime, week-long, fully accessible camping experiences for individuals living with disabilities, every summer. Watch some of our videos that capture the true essence of what Easter Seals Camp is all about!

Your support truly makes a difference. Become a Superhero for Easter Seals BCY TODAY! It will definitely be an experience that you won’t forget! #EasterSealsDropZoneBC

   Photo of an older woman, smiling, wearing a Wonder woman costume and yellow helmet, while hanging off side of building Photo from the top of a building, looking down at two individuals in blue costumes and capes, rapelling on the side of a building. Photo of a man, wearing a dark-coloured mask, black t-shirt and yellow helmet, dangling off the side of a building, with his arms and hands punched up in the air in celebration

Key Information

  • To participate you must be 19 years of age or older on event day.
  • Training sessions will be offered to participants in August and September at Climb Base 5 Gym in Coquitlam where you will have a chance to familiarize themselves with the rappelling equipment.
  • You must meet the minimum fundraising requirement in order to be able to rappel. The minimum fundraising requirement is $875. The minimum fundraising requirement for last minute/walk-up registrants is $950.
  • You have until October 15th, 2022 to raise the minimum fundraising requirement. If we haven’t received your minimum fundraising requirement by midnight on October 15th, 2022, we will automatically charge the difference to your credit card on file.
  • Teams are encouraged for this event as it’s not only fun to rappel alongside others you know, but also easier to fundraise collectively as a group. Teams still need to raise the minimum multiplied by the number of individuals in that team, but you can raise the money collectively. For example, if there are two of you then you’ll need to raise a minimum of $1700, but if one person raises $1,000 and the other only $700 then you’ll both still be able to rappel. If a team of people raise funds but only are able to make it to $1500, then only one person from that team can rappel.
  • Weight restrictions for the rappelling apparatus are also in effect. The maximum weight for rappellers is 275lbs. If you weigh more than this, please notify us when you register.
  • The charitable Registration Number for the event is 11921 7248 RR0001.

Event Information:
Please contact Samantha Bishop-Thomas at sbishopthomas@eastersealsbcy.ca or (604) 341-8353.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • We have multiple sponsorship opportunities available for Drop Zone in Burnaby, Kelowna, Vancouver and Surrey. For more info, please contact Samantha Bishop-Thomas at sbishopthomas@eastersealsbcy.ca or (604) 341-8353.
  • For sponsorship opportunities of Drop Zone events nationally, please contact Casey Sabawi at partnerships@easterseals.ca.

  Image of a woman, smiling, with her mask on her chin, dangling off the side of a building. She is dressed in black and wearing a helmet.  Two individuals wearing black masks, blue costumes with capes, and yellow helmets, holding up a "I Did It!" sign and raising their hands up in the air in celebration. Image of a man wearing a black eye-mask, and Robin from Batman costume and yellow helmet, smiling and getting ready for his rappel while standing at the edge of the top of a building

Thank you to our 2022 Drop Zone Burnaby Sponsors

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